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Moneyball-Style Analytics for HCM

Remember Moneyball? In 2002, the small-budget Oakland A’s used oft-overlooked stats—on base and slugging percentages—to drive their draft decisions and turn their season around. The data was available to every team in Major League Baseball, but the A’s were the only team that knew how to use it.

That’s what we’re doing with talent management.

After talking to real HR pros, it’s clear that accurate, actionable data could have a huge impact on:

  • Assessing a candidate’s skills before they walk through the door
  • Quantifying their performance once they’re on the job
  • And providing strategic training to keep them there

2gnō.me makes that process easier by providing HR and HCM pros with a quantifiable snapshot of who their talent is, where their strengths lie, and what skill gaps need to be addressed. And the tribe feature allows managers to look beyond individual performance metrics and assess strengths and weaknesses on a group level. Most importantly, it helps managers validate their instincts and make smarter hiring and retention decisions

From studying to working, your experiences with people are invaluable. And we want to hear about them. Leave a comment on this post, email or find us on Twitter @2gnoME.

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