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Hello! The approach of 2gnoMe is in its mission to help people better understand themselves and the world they live in, in order to provide relevant and high-quality resources for growth and professional development. Success of this 2gnoMe mission is dependent on the trust you have in us and how we conduct ourselves. You have the right to privacy anywhere you operate, on the web and otherwise.

When you visit 2gnoMe, regardless of how you use our services, you can have complete confidence that we take your privacy seriously and will faithfully protect it. 2gnoMe protects your privacy, your data and your information. We do not share, disclose, trade or sell any personally identifiable information collected through your account.

If at any time our privacy policy changes, we will provide email notification of the change for your review and each user will be given the opportunity to reconsider their relationship with 2gnoMe and its Services.