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"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates


Self-aware people are more successful in life than people who are not. 2gnōMe (To know me) is a cloud-based platform for educators to enhance awareness and mindfulness about their skills, career and professional learning.

This award-winning platform clarifies who needs what kind of learning in the first place and uses data to personalize professional learning, at scale. Similar to this example with EdTech Skills for Teachers


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Our partners refer to 2gnoMe as their "missing link to professional development" because the platform helps personalize their blended learning resources far beyond the limits of traditional systems.


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2gnōMe name comes from the Greek gnosis, knowledge.
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"2gnoMe is one of the most well designed and user-friendly technologies that I have ever used."

Pelin Bicen, Professor, Penn State University
“One of the beauties of the [2gnoMe] offering is that it provides the same opportunities for teachers that we are trying to provide for students – personalizing the learning. Teachers are at different level of skillset, we need to be able to identify what they know and what they need, and then be able to customize it for them. It’s essential.”

Hector, School Principal in New Mexico

“… the results have been an enthusiastic staff who knows how much we value their time and dedication to the profession.“

Lee J., Director of Federal Programs, Dothan City Schools 
"Digital curriculum requires new skills. 2gnoMe is the only solution I've seen that identifies teacher readiness and personalizes learning plans to adjust to this new paradigm. It's bound to be a major disruptor in the education space. “

LeiLani Cauthen,  Author & CEO,  The Learning Counsel