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Soft skills determine up to 80% of professional success, and yet the skills gap in Education and Business is astonishing, impeding ability to recognize blind spots and achieve success.

2gnō.me (“To know me”) identifies strengths and gaps in knowledge and is a platform that allows you to offer personalized professional development to address those gaps.


"2gnō.me is one of the most well designed and user-friendly technologies that I have ever used."
Pelin Bicen, Professor, Penn State University





2gnō.me Enhances Awareness
Our approach compares self-perception about skills and behaviors to actual proficiency, with additional feedback from peers, and in context to other people, at scale with data to back it up.

Gold Award
2016 Re-Imagine Education

2gnō.me Is Personal
We don’t just “measure” soft skills. Uniquely, the platform allows you to address skill gaps with personalized learning and professional development from available content resources.

2gnō.me Is Flexible
Our technology makes it easy to create and manage skill-building human narratives for students, candidates and employees. You can align to virtually any skillset assessment and learning framework.

2gnō.me Offers Accretive Value
For Educators and Business leaders, our solution helps you structure, analyze, and curate data about soft skills to enrich your organization’s health, improve quality of hiring, and meet your strategic objectives.



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