2gnoMe makes professional learning user-friendly

For teachers, this platform clarifies who needs what kind of learning, unifies all teachers and their PL in one place, and personalizes the learning experience for every teacher, at scale.

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A Practical Vision To Creating Lasting Impact

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See how it works!

See how it works!A Better Approach to High-Quality, Relevant Teacher PD



From Standards to Impact, with Everything in Between





"The advantage of having a content agnostic system is that we can select from the best of all types of learning, and the system stiches it all together."

Troy Lange, Executive Director, Colorado River BOCES

"2gnoMe is for teachers. It works behind the scenes so that every teacher gets the resources they need to improve where they need to."


Teresa Lien, Program Manager, The Danielson Group

"The functions are very intuitive, building around every teacher’s needs, so that as you grow the platform can grow with you."

Michael Brownstein, Executive Director, VEI