How often have you said "I wish I had more people like [insert name]"? What is it about certain skills and traits that makes some people succeed where others fail?

You probably already know that up to 80% of professional success depends on soft skills, also known as 'real skills' and 'people skills.' But how do you identify and strengthen the most important and relevant skills for your organization?

Enter 2gnoMe (To know me).

Skills Genome

Effortlessly map out critical skills across your team or organization.

Screen & Select

Identify High Potential candidates based on their fit to your culture norms and skill expectations.

Personalized Learning

Use skills data to personalize learning for your people and measure its effectiveness.


Our approach aligns to any learning framework or set of standards (e.g., content-agnostic) and can customize to any organization with ease and precision that you would expect from a purpose-built technology platform. By way of example, see this Netflix skills portal, based on the brilliant effort led by Reed Hastings and Patty McCord to identify specific skills that helped Netflix expand and achieve excellence.


Platform Applications



“Millennials engage when they are empowered to drive their development. 2gnoMe is a very impressive, next generation assessment engine that weaves throughout the employee lifecycle – first as a recruitment filter and later as a feedback mechanism for growth.“

- Rachael Elstad, Director of People at Nando's Peri-Peri

"In adding 2gnoMe to our robust partner ecosystem and online marketplace, we look to provide our customers with the tools needed to hire and retain the right people for their organization."

- Michael Wilczak, SVP Strategy and Corporate Development of iCIMS