Self-knowledge is Timeless and All-Encompassing

Awareness is important because it is a rare quality. Today especially, self-aware people are more successful in life than people who are not. Awareness is the foundation of wisdom and self-confidence. It helps make smarter decisions and live with their consequences. There is a well-known Dunning-Kruger effect - when people mistakenly think they are better than most other people. Have you ever experienced an awareness gap, when your intuition and reality seem to be misaligned? It's like that... Interestingly, while most people are really good at assessing others, we tend to be wildly inaccurate about our own abilities. Watch this video for more on this topic:



This misalignment is real and can impede our ability to recognize blind spots and achieve success. And so people have been interested in self-awareness – to 'know thyself' – for a long time because with soft skills, what is learned on one scale of experience can be applied to all scales.



We believe that self-reflection and feedback are key to closing the gap in skills awareness. Therefore, 2gnoMe approach and technology provide a human narrative about skills that matter to people and to their professional organizations.