Do thine own work, and know thyself.

- Plato -




The Importance of Awareness

Awareness about soft skills is important because it is a scarce quality. At any time and probably more so today than ever before, self-aware people are more successful in life than people who are not. Awareness is the foundation of wisdom and confidence. It means knowing your skill strengths and gaps to make smarter decisions. Up to 80% of professional success depends on soft skills.

Most of us have experienced gaps in awareness when our intuition and our reality get misaligned. This misalignment can impede our ability to recognize blind spots and achieve success. And what's really interesting is that while most people do well at assessing others, we tend to be wildly positive about our own abilities. There is a well-known Dunning-Kruger effect when people think they are better than most other people, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than what it really is. And it is a challenge in K-12 Education the same way that it is a challenge in the Higher Ed and in the business world.

People have been interested in attaining awareness – to “Know Thyself” – for a long time. With soft skills awareness, what is learned on one scale of experience can be applied to all scales. Self-knowledge is timeless and all-encompassing. “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates.

The economic costs of soft skllls misalignment are in the billions of dollars as a result of bad hiring, corrosive culture and failed mergers. Gaps in awareness is a challenge at school, in life and at work.

(It is worth noting that, according to Professor Dunning, North Americans seem to be really excellent at overestimation. If you go to places like Japan, Korea or China, this whole phenomenon evaporates. That is possibly because "Eastern cultures value self-improvement, while Western culture tends to value self-esteem.")


Our Approach to Enhancing Awareness aims to address the soft skills awareness challenge. Our approach identifies strengths and gaps in knowledge, and our technology platform allows you to offer personalized professional development to address those gaps.

We believe that self-knowledge and feedback are the best ways to close the awareness gap. Therefore, our approach enhances self-awareness based on self-reflection and 360° feedback from trusted peers. With, you have a human narrative about critical skills and behaviors that apply to organizations large and small, for existing teams and new candidates. 

The objective is to allow a "common language" about skills and behavior expectations for both people and their organizations. Uniquely, our platform helps identify skill gaps and helps address these gaps in knowledge through dynamic personalized learning.



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