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National Standards for Quality Online Teaching

The COVID-19 pandemic upended how we teach and how our students learn. Unless teachers get the support they need to be effective online teachers, students will fall behind and the learning gap will grow.

The NSQ Online Teaching standards provide a framework for schools, districts and state agencies to improve online teaching and learning. Powered by 2gnoMe, this professional learning portal 'unpacks' the standards for educators and uses data to match the relevant learning resources to individual needs and strengths. This approach puts teachers on a path towards improving their practice as an online instructor now and when we all get back to school.

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The Danielson Framework Clusters

Being able to personalize a teacher’s growth and development is the key to unlocking their potential as a teacher. That means providing teachers with the high-quality professional development they need based on standards of effective teaching, when they need it, and in a format that works for their learning style.

The Danielson Framework Clusters describe the skills demonstrated by accomplished teachers in promoting high levels of student learning. These skills and knowledge is based on foundational knowledge and dispositions and grounded in a deep understanding of how people learn.

The Danielson Clusters powered by 2gnoMe is a learning platform that provides personalized PD based on a teacher’s journey towards mastery of teaching as defined by the Danielson Clusters. The learning portal provides links to high-quality professional development, vetted by The Danielson Group and crowd-sourced from their partners, personalized for every teacher based on their individual needs.

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ISTE Standards for Educators

The ISTE Standards are a framework for innovation in education. These standards help educators and education leaders worldwide prepare learners to thrive in work and life.

The ISTE Standards for Educators powered by 2gnoMe is a learning portal that helps educators "unpack" the framework's elements to receive targeted learning recommendations that evolve over time based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

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The ISTE Standards powered by 2gnoMe

The ISTE website

Workforce Skills

The baseline in this example is brilliant work from Netflix by Patty McCord and Reed Hastings, which was published in HBR (see sidebar). Organizational leaders can customize this platform for their custom skills and learning standards and learning expectations.

The Netlix approach became the foundation for our focus on soft skills. Where Hastings and McCord identified nine skills with specific dimensions (in their brilliant Netflix culture deck - see sidebar), we developed situation-based skills methodologies that “measure” each dimension, and applied them to the 2gnoMe technology platform.

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Re-Imagine Professional Learning

It is a daunting task to scramble for high-quality PD that will resonate with your teachers and give them what they need when they need it, isn't it? District and state agencies often struggle to shift from 'in-person' training to more 'personalized and high-quality' delivery of professional learning.

Survey after survey shows that the PD teachers receive is too generic, too often mediocre, and typically not offered when they need it most. Every teacher aspires to be the best educator for their students. That means they need the support that is tailored to their needs within the framework of effective teaching that your organization uses.

Building off your required effectiveness standards, 2gnoMe can help your organization transform those standards into the foundation for personalized learning for your every teacher, at scale.
K-3 Early Literacy Essentials

This award-winning methodology consists of 10 Essentials and includes a total of 25 courses with over 55 modules, 100+ content presentations and 72+ videos highlighting the instructional practices in schools. It’s rigorous. It was developed in collaboration with Michigan Virtual and the Early Literacy Task Force, a subcommittee of the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA).

Literacy Essentials powered by 2gnoMe is a personalized learning portal that enables learners to break the courses up and align them with their reflection diagnostic results. The purpose is to support educators and teacher/leader/coach teams as they reflect on their current instructional practices, consider these practices in more detail, and get target-specific practice inside the 10 essentials.

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2gnoMe can magnify the effectiveness of the Framework Clusters because it’s for teachers (click to view)

Teresa Lien, Program Manager at The Danielson Group

Moving into a personalized professional learning model requires a bunch of little pieces and 2gnoMe sews it all together nicely. The advantage of having a system that is content agnostic, allows us to select from the best of all types of professional learning.

Troy Lange, Executive Director, Colorado River BOCES

One of the beauties of the [2gnoMe] offering is that it provides the same opportunities for teachers that we are trying to provide for students – personalizing the learning... It is essential.

Hector, School Principal in New Mexico

... we now have tools to help measure what was previously unmeasurable (click to view)

Nick Chapman, President, Virtual Enterprises International

2gnoMe is one of the most well designed and user-friendly technologies that I have ever used.

Pelin Bicen

2gnoMe is the only solution I've seen that identifies teacher readiness and personalizes learning plans to adjust to this new paradigm. It's bound to be a major disruptor in the education space.

LeiLani Cauthen

Common Themes Across These Learning Portals

  • Reflection to enhance skills awareness
  • Personalized resources for every participant
  • Competency-based and continuous learning
  • Digital portfolio and transcript
  • Easy to customize towards your own portal
  • No more than $5/month per participant.

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