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Measure critical soft skills and behaviors to estimate how well candidates would "fit" into your workplace culture and skill expectations.

Save up to 60% of screening time and another 4 hours with our 360° reference checking.

Select from available methodologies or add your own assessments. 

Available through this platform or via integration with SmartRecruiters and iCIMS platforms.


Estimate Your ROI

Use this interactive calculator  to estimate your ROI on soft skills. You can edit assumptions in real time.


WATCH: How to screen for 'high potential' candidates


Products: Screen & Select, Genome (view here)


Your employees will actually enjoy an opportunity to reflect about common success skills, using practical work-related situations to enhance their self-awareness.

They will thank you for connecting them to personalized recommendations to improve where it makes sense.

At the organizatinal level, you get common-sense and data-supported "genome" of critical skills that matter to your team. The platform makes it intuitive and effective to allocate training resources. The "genome" evolves with your organization over time.


Products: Skills Genome, Personalized Learning (view here)





“Millennials engage when they are empowered to drive their development. 2gnō.me is a very impressive, next generation assessment engine that weaves throughout the employee lifecycle – first as a recruitment filter and later as a feedback mechanism for growth.“

- Rachael Elstad, Director of People at Nando's Peri-Peri

"In adding 2gnō.me to our robust partner ecosystem and online marketplace, we look to provide our customers with the tools needed to hire and retain the right people for their organization."

- Michael Wilczak, SVP Strategy and Corporate Development of iCIMS





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