Three products (content and platform capabilities) 


Skills Genome

≈ 10 USD per person

Easily map out critical skills across your business units, by functional roles, locations, etc.

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Screen & Select

≈ 500 USD per hire

Identify High Potential candidates based on their fit to your culture norms and skill expectations.

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Personalized Learning

≈ 10 USD per person per month

Address skill gaps with personalized training, track engagement and measure impact. 

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What's included?

  • Secure platform to create and manage any number of self- and 360° assessments under a common organizational umbrella
  • Easily create unique and contextual assess-to-improve experiences for hiring, retention and soft skills training
  • You can select from our skills or use your own / other assessments (e.g., hard skills, culture values, behaviors)
  • Automated 360° feedback from peers and references
  • Unique data and visuals to get a soft skills snapshot, personalize professional development, and track improvement over time
  • Unlimited online and phone support
  • See more in Key Benefits.


What's extra?

  • If you would like help to create and validate new assessment methodologies, that's extra. 
  • If you need custom reports, we probably already have what you need. Still, some may be extra.
  • If you require custom integration and want us to do the work ...  
  • Other than that, your product license includes everything to measure soft skills, identify gaps, and address these gaps through personalized dynamic learning. 



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