Three products. One Solution.

You can align this platform to virtually any assessment and/or learning framework. The value is accretive: once you collect data about soft skills, our "human" narrative will help you structure, diffuse and deploy information to make smarter decisions.


Skills Genome

Easily map out critical skills across your team or organization (e.g., by location, seniority, job roles, etc.)

≈ 5-50 USD per person

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Screen & Select

Identify High Potential candidates based on their fit to your culture norms and skill expectations.

≈ 500-700 USD per hire

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Personalized Learning

Connect to personalized learning resources to address skill gaps and improve performance outcomes

≈ 5-15 USD per person per month

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What's included?

  • Secure platform to create and manage any number of self- and 360° assessments under a common organizational umbrella
  • Easily create unique and contextual assess-to-improve experiences for hiring, retention and soft skills training
  • You can select from our skills or use your own / other assessments (e.g., hard skills, culture values, behaviors)
  • Automated 360° feedback from peers and references
  • Unique data and visuals to get a soft skills snapshot, personalize professional development, and track improvement over time
  • Unlimited online and phone support
  • See more in Key Benefits.


What's extra?

  • If you would like help to create and validate new assessment methodologies, that's extra. 
  • If you need custom reports, we probably already have what you need. Still, some may be extra.
  • If you require custom integration and want us to do the work ...  
  • Other than that, your product license includes everything to measure soft skills, identify gaps, and address these gaps through personalized dynamic learning. 



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