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How lucky you were if your teacher read “Charlotte’s Web” to you in elementary school. Not only did you get to hear a great story, but you also learned how amazing it was for Wilbur the pig to have such a caring friend as the cool little spider, Charlotte.

The respect, concern and empathy she showed for Wilbur was truly uplifting and made us all want to have that same generosity of spirit, that caring nature.

None of us wanted to be Templeton the Rat, who was the opposite of caring – detached insensitive, pitiless, selfish and even cruel ...

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business feedback likeable personality

In a job interview you want to stay positive, avoid lodging complaints, being cynical or exuding negativity. Likeability is a big factor for recruiters. They know who their people are, and will look to bring in talented professionals who know how to get along -- sometimes in favor of hiring someone with the best qualifications on paper.

What recruiters desire is common to other arenas as well. At social events, the logic is simple; people are subconsciously drawn to those who have a likable personality.

One of the most important keys to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life is ...

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business entrepreneur

The unemployment rate for young people is less than ideal at the moment, as much as two times higher than the national average. This can be very discouraging for people fresh out of school.

President Obama’s team wants to encourage college grads to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. There’s even a new financial incentive program to limit young 'treps’ student loan payments to 10 percent of their earned income. Sounds great, so perhaps it’s time to launch your own start-up, right?

Not so fast, says college professor and author Scott Shane. He warns people that about half of new ...

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Honesty is always high on the list when people talk about traits they admire. Honest people behave with integrity, practice loyalty and value fairness.

So why are people dishonest? Usually it’s because they fear the consequences of telling the truth; getting in trouble, engaging in uncomfortable confrontation,  and making someone mad.

The problem with being dishonest is that you know inside that you are being untruthful and it can feel uncomfortable because you’re not being authentic to yourself or others. It can also be hard to keep track of your lies, and you may feel the need to tell more lies ...

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