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School District wants to develop a scalable way to deliver professional development to over 600 teachers in the district.
Emphasis is on pedagogical skills required to learn, teach and work in the digital age.
Objective is to identify skill gaps and deliver the right training to the right teacher.


Created skills assessment based on ISTE Standards (23 pedagogical skills).
Aligned teacher results to recommended development for each skill.
Made it evidence-based and easy to justify allocation of training resource.


“… the results have been an enthusiastic staff who knows how much we value their time and dedication to the profession.“
- Lee J., Director of Federal Programs, Dothan City Schools, Alabama

"Partnership with 2gnō.me allowed us to truly personalize professional development for teachers in an efficient and motivating way. The collaboration and technology development could not have gone better and we are thrilled with the product."
- ​Lynn Gershman, Director of Professional Development, MobileMind


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