Strengthen Study Skills

Improve study skills and capacity to handle stressful situations.




Colleges are coping with higher burnout and lower retention rates.

Shocking 30 percent of college students drop out after their first year.

Key among drivers include lacking essential study skills like patience, focus and grit.



Our approach identifies gaps in skills and helps address these gaps with personalized and dynamic learning.

Secure and flexible cloud platform supported by the leading partners in Education.​



Students see the "bigger picture" and become familiar with behavioral frameworks to handle study-related situations.


"2gnō.me is one of the most well designed and user friendly technologies that I have ever used."

Pelin Bicen, Professor, Penn State University


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Develop Workplace Skills

Target and develop the soft skills that employers require.


Employers tell us that college graduates lack critical soft skills.
Top 10 skills include communication, teamwork, problem-solving and accountability.

For most young people, self-perception and actual skill proficiency are often ways apart.


Use our approach and technology to target critical “people skills” that matter in the workplace.
Match skill profiles with internship and job requirements.


Help students stand out during the recruiting cycle and in their productive life.



"Soft skills, while not evaluated in school, are fundamental to every job students are pursuing today and in the future."

Anthony Salcito, Microsoft Public Sector Education


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Working Together to Achieve More


2gnō.me Named a Fellow at UPenn-GSE EdTech Program
Selected from 300 companies to join UPenn-GSE's Education Design Studio (EDSi).
EDSi is a hybrid incubator and seed fund tackling some of education’s most difficult problems. 
Learn more about EDSi and UPenn-GSE here.


Case Study


Learn how awareness applications in the classroom led to 25% improvement in knowledge retention. See what students and teachers say in this PennState case study.


Partnership Program

We seek to establish long-term partnerships with Content and Go-to-Market partners, whereby your subject-matter expertise co-exists with our vision for the importance of soft skills, and opportunities associated with providing measured awareness. If you have skills assessments, or if you provide professional development, email us at or schedule a conversation here.

Engage with millions of students and teachers.

Help develop crtical skills that drive success.

Connect each learner to your content, at scale.

Move decision-making from subjective to objective.


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