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When it comes to teachers, districts often focus on evaluation rather than on development, and under-utilize their investment in technology. Our approach aims to strengthen skills awareness and our data helps to effortlessly personalize Professional Development for every teacher!

2gnō.me ("To know me"), a Gold winner at 2016 Re-Imagine Education, offers a soft skills intelligence platform that identifies strengths and gaps in knowledge and allows you to offer personalized professional development to address those gaps. In this example, we took the ISTE Standards for Teachers as baseline and developed methodologies across 22 teaching competencies grouped into 5 sections.

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Learning and Creativity



Digital Citizenship

Professional Growth

ISTE Standard 1

ISTE Standard 2

ISTE Standard 3

ISTE Standard 4

ISTE Standard 5


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How It Works

A unique approach to strengthen skills and address skill gaps with personalized learning and professional development.


Establish a baseline of skill strengths and gaps.
Our online program takes each teacher through a series of questions that focus on practical classroom situations. Each assessment module takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

Enhance self-awareness.
Each teacher has the opportunity to reflect on their professional practice, enhancing self-awareness about their soft skills in relative context to other teachers. 

Personalize training and professional development.
2gnō.me provides a customized dashboard, bringing relevant content and training from a multitude of learning resources to improve where it makes sense, advance professional growth and connect with others.


Award-Winning Approach & Technology


Watch this 5-minute video to see how 2gnō.me is re-imagining professional development for every teacher!

Gold winner at 2016 Re-Imagine Education.


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Working Together to Achieve More


2gnō.me Named a Fellow at UPenn-GSE EdTech Program
Selected from 300 companies to join UPenn-GSE's Education Design Studio (EDSi).
EDSi is a hybrid incubator and seed fund tackling some of education’s most difficult problems. 
Learn more about EDSi and UPenn-GSE here.


“2gnō.me is the missing piece
to our professional development.“

- ​Evelyn Bragg
Director, CORE Academy, Jacksonville State University


“… the results have been an enthusiastic staff who knows how much we value their time and dedication to the profession.“

- Lee J.
Director of Federal Programs, Dothan City Schools





We follow a 3-step approach to creating methodologies that “measure” soft skills:
Analysis, Development and Validation.

 To learn more about our methodology and design process, please click here.



Partnership Program

Current partners 

JSU CORE Academy


Noodle Markets





We seek to establish long-term partnerships with Content and Go-to-Market partners, whereby your subject-matter expertise co-exists with our vision for the importance of soft skills, and opportunities associated with providing a measure of awareness. Please email us at to schedule a conversation.

Engage with millions of students and teachers.

Help develop crtical skills that drive success.

Connect each learner to your content, at scale.

Move decision-making from subjective to objective.



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