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How it works


For educators, 2gnō.me (To know me) platform establishes a baseline of Ed-Tech strengths and gaps to enhances self-awareness and personalize professional learning to improve where it makes sense. Watch this video to see how 2gnō.me is re-imagining professional learning, moving away from evaluation toward development of teachers.


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Teachers deserve data-driven instruction, too!



Establish a baseline of skill strengths and gaps.
Skills dashboard takes each teacher through a series of questions that focus on practical classroom situations. Teachers can move at their own pace.

Enhance self-awareness.
After self-reflection and 360° feedback, the platform helps each teacher enhance their self-awareness about critical skills in relative context to other educators. 

Personalize learning and professional development.
The dashboard evolves to combine skill readiness with relevant learning content to address skill gaps, advance professional growth and connect with other educators in the community.



“2gnō.me is the missing piece
to our professional development.“

- ​Evelyn Bragg
Director, CORE Academy, Jacksonville State University


“… the results have been an enthusiastic staff who knows how much we value their time and dedication to the profession.“

- Lee J.
Director of Federal Programs, Dothan City Schools




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Methodology & Design


Questionnaire design is a multi-stage process that requires attention to many details at once because different skills and aptitudes can be assessed in varying degrees of detail. We try to keep our assessments and approach practical, authentic and actionable:

We follow a 3-step approach to creating methodologies that “measure” skills and competencies:
Analysis, Development and Validation.

Much of our literature research and validation goes into synthesizing science and social dynamics. We study and collaborate with the sharpest minds in Education, Social Psychology, qualitative analysis and social dynamics to design experiences that expand awareness.
Our methodologies are based on multi-perspective feedback on traits, skills and competencies. Questions about actions and behaviors are especially useful because they help gain a sense of what teachers actually do in the classroom (as opposed to what they say they will do).
All responses are confidential. The transparent and confidential process encourages honesty and higher accuracy and trust in the outcome. Relative context to other educators offers a rare opportunity to reflect and to take steps to improve where it matters.

There is more to learn about our approach here.


See for Yourself


Working Together to Achieve More


2gnō.me Named a Fellow at UPenn-GSE EdTech Program
Selected from 300 companies to join UPenn-GSE's Education Design Studio (EDSi) to tackle some of education’s most difficult problems. To learn more about this program, please click here.

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