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Personalized Training

What is it?

A personalized dashboard that guides teachers through a deep reflection of their professional practice to enhance self-awareness, establish a baseline of skill strengths and gaps, and connect with personalized PD where it makes sense to improve.

We took as baseline the ISTE Standards for Teachers, the most widely accepted group of standards focused on technology education, and developed methodologies for 23 skills grouped into 5 standards.

These standards aim to provide a "common language" of pedagogy in the digital age. Our questions focus on classroom situations about using technology to:
  • Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
  • Design and develop digital age learning experiences
  • Model digital age work and learning
  • Promote digital citizenship and responsibility
  • Engage in professional growth and leadership.

Gold Award Winner

On December 6, 2016, 2gnō.me was recognized with a top award at the global Re-Imagine Education competition.



What to expect?

Each question is a data point. Collectively, these data points tell an empirical narrative about readiness to implement technology in the classroom. 

Our data-based approach makes it powerful and intuitive to:

  • Identify who needs what kind of support before investing into technology-related training  
  • Personalize professional development to address skill gaps.
  • Measure impact of training on retentino and student outcomes over time.

How it works?

Teachers enhance their awareness in relative context to other teachers.

School Districts get a three-dimensional human narrative about  pedagogy skills (mapped to the ISTE Standards for Teachers).

Technology helps address skill gaps and personalize professional development and peer-to-peer mentorship.






2gnō.me Named a Fellow at UPenn-GSE EdTech Program
Selected from 300 companies to join UPenn-GSE's Education Design Studio (EDSi).
EDSi is a hybrid incubator and seed fund tackling some of education’s most difficult problems. 
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“… the results have been an enthusiastic staff who knows how much we value their time and dedication to the profession.“

- Lee J., Director of Federal Programs, Dothan City Schools, Alabama

"Partnership with 2gnō.me allowed us to truly personalize professional development for teachers in an efficient and motivating way. The collaboration and technology development could not have gone better and we are thrilled with the product."

- ​Lynn Gershman, Director of Professional Development, MobileMind



Methodology Design

This methodology encompasses the five ISTE Standards for Teachers, with over 130 questions across 23 pedagogical competencies. Click here to learn about our questionnaire design process and methodology map.


Partner Opportunities
We seek to establish long-term partnerships with Content and Go-to-Market partners, whereby your subject-matter expertise co-exists with our vision for the importance of soft skills, and opportunities associated with providing measured awareness. If you have skills assessments, or if you provide professional development, email us at or schedule a conversation here.


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