National Standards for Quality Online Teaching
Click on any of the eight standards below. This portal starts with a reflection about your teaching practice, in relation to the NSQ Online Teaching framework, and recommends vetted learning resources personalized to individual strengths and areas of need.
A: Professional Responsibilities
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B: Digital Pedagogy
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C: Community Building
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D: Learner Engagement
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E: Digital Citizenship
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F: Diverse Instruction
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G: Assessment and Measurement
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H: Instructional Design
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The development of the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching and the vetting of supporting learning resources is led by Quality Matters (QM) and the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA). The professional learning portal itself is powered by 2gnoMe.

District and state leaders can customize this professional learning portal to:
  1. Take advantage of existing resoures and material
  2. Clarify who needs what kind of professional learning
  3. Personalize learning for every educator, at scale
  4. Add your own resources, coaching, PLCs and mentors
  5. Recognize learning with your Continuing Education Units
  6. Use data to inform the quality and impact of professional learning.