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A new collaboration between eMints National Center and 2gnoMe brings personalized learning to educators across the nation

April 17, 2018

Personalization, or customizing lessons based on the needs and skill level of the individual student, has become the norm in classrooms – yet, that same idea hasn't been extended to the educators themselves.The new partnership, called "Digital-Age Educator" is a cloud-based professional development program with the goal of preparing educators to live, teach and lead in the digital age. This program has received the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Proficiency Seal of Alignment for Educator Standards.

eMINTS is a national center widely known for combining professional development, technology, standards-based instruction and research-based teaching practices. 2gnōMe is a skills platform that personalizes learning for teachers through diagnostics and better alignment to learning resources.

"When it comes to learning for adults, the starting point is usually the content and not the person," said Ilya Zeldin, the founder of 2gnōMe. "But if we start with an educator and enhance their self-awareness about ed-tech skills, we can personalize competency-based learning with best practices like eMINTS, to support lifelong learning and measure its outcomes."

eMINTS found obvious synergy with the 2gnōMe interface that matches their mission to improve teaching and learning.

"Since 1999, we've been working with schools to make the most of the powerful intersection between technology and best-teaching practices," said Christine Terry, director. "By partnering with 2gnōMe we are able to take that one important step further and help the educator learn more about themselves. Professional development driven by personal goals is a powerful motivator and we're excited about the partnership."

About 2gnoMe 
2gnoMe comes from the Greek gnosis, knowledge. A secure skills platform that personalizes learning for every teacher, at scale, through diagnostics and improved alignment to learning resources. With 2gnōMe data, schools and districts can better allocate professional learning and determine its usefulness - from teacher development all the way to student outcomes. For more information, please visit 2gno.me.

About eMINTS
The eMINTS National Center is a nationally recognized research and outreach center in the University of Missouri College of Education with the mission of helping educators PreK-20 use technology and research-based teaching practices to improve outcomes for students.  Two of the Center's programs have earned a seal of alignment with the ISTE standards for teachers. The Center serves schools and educators in 10 states and 6 institutions of higher education through face-to-face, online, and blended supports. For more information, please visit emints.org.