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The baseline in this example is brilliant work from Netflix by Patty McCord and Reed Hastings, which was published in HBR (see below). Organizational leaders can customize this platform for their custom skills and learning standards and learning expectations.

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Feedback from Current Users

"I am in awe of your 2gnōMe!"
- Susan M. Hart, MSSW


"Millennials engage when they are empowered to drive their development. 2gnōMe is a very impressive, next generation assessment engine that weaves throughout the employee lifecycle – first as a recruitment filter and later as a feedback mechanism for growth."
- Rachael E., Director of People at Nando's Peri-Peri

"2gnōMe assessment gave me the competitive edge I needed to land the job I wanted. The knowledge I gained about myself and how others perceive me is invaluable."
- Janet E., user