2gnō.me Adds Next-Gen Personalized Learning Module to Its Awareness Platform

NEW YORK, April 2016 --- 2gnō.me (“To know me”) added the first-of-its-kind personalized learning module to its flagship soft skills awareness platform. This upgrade builds on the existing core functionality that helps organizations and people:

  • Discover how their self-perception compares to actual proficiency for skills and behaviors
  • Learn how trusted peers (or references) see these same skills in real life, and
  • Understand what these results mean in relative context to others.

Uniquely, there is now an easy way to personalize individual's advancement and professional development. In the right hands, the technology identifies and then addresses skill gaps (see image below). This upgrade takes the concept of learning and development to a new level. Platform customers can:

  • Accommodate unique assess-to-improve models and types of training content
  • Programmatically provide the right training to the right person for the right skill
  • Optimize improvement options at the individual level based on your culture and needs
  • Track compliance and measure skills improvement over time.

Platform customers can now leverage people metrics to optimize professional development, coaching and meaningful mentorship.

To learn more, please schedule a guided tour.