2gnoMe works to fuse adult learning and technology to improve the quality of professional development for educators.

Almost overnight, COVID-19 forced nearly all teachers to deliver their instruction online. Because most teachers had little training on how to do that, there was minimal learning in our K-12 schools last Spring and the students that were furthest behind suffered the most. And now we are all crossing our collective fingers as the new school begins.

Research is consistent in finding that the single most important school-related factor to influence the quality of a student’s education is the quality of his or her teacher. So, if teachers are struggling to deliver their lessons using technology, to only get mixed results, this country needs a rapid response to help teachers understand and implement what is considered best practice in online and blended instruction. And recognizing that low-income and minority students traditionally have the least prepared teachers, helping their teachers rapidly improve their capacity to teach online is crucial to prevent learning gaps from expanding.


"Meaningful, personalized, professional learning"

- Rachelle Dene Poth, September 2019 -

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Of course, just knowing what the standards are has limited value unless teachers have the professional development they need to enhance their ability to apply those best practices. That is where the power of the 2gnoMe learning platform comes in to personalize professional learning of each individual user to enhance their ability to deliver high-quality instruction from a distance. A teacher starts with a short self-reflection diagnostic of their actions to identify their skill strengths and gaps. The 2gnoMe platform, having organized best-in-class resources aligned to the same Standards, provides high-quality professional learning resources and support, personalized to each teacher based on their learning needs. These resources come from the national, state and district contributors and are carefully vetted by our partners.

2gnoMe is enabling the Professional Development field to address two opportunities when it comes to benefiting from the discipline of learning engineering. The first is to use the feedback from teachers on the alignment, relevance, and application of the system-recommended professional learning resources to improve the quality of these resources. This is valuable to influence the broader market of Professional Development by using large numbers of learners to signal what has value for them and their colleagues so they can become market makers for professional development for all educators.

The second opportunity for improvement is in the use of pre- and post-diagnostics to measure the impact of learning from the personalized resources that the system 'assigns' based on teachers’ strengths and weaknesses. As the data confirms that competency-based professional learning dramatically improves means to tailor PD to each teacher’s specific needs, then this approach has the ability to enhance the quality of teaching, at scale and at a fraction of the cost being spent on poor quality unaligned PD that lacks applicability.

Measuring the Practice and Impact of Learning


The goal for 2gnoMe is to expand and continuously improve the use of an innovative learning platform built around the best teaching standards and populated with aligned professional development to support teachers during the first crucial years and to enhance teachers’ ability to teach online. Our methodology partners, such as The Danielson Group and The National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, bring together their best in class teaching standards with the strength of the 2gnoMe learning platform to be more effective in delivering high-quality instruction. These standards are research-supported best practices as defined by researchers and practitioners.


This approach is a step towards overcoming this country’s long-standing issue of giving teachers generic professional development, when they do not need it, and in a format that does not lead to improved practice or better student learning. The 2gnoMe approach flips that notion on its head and enables teachers to own the definition of their strengths and weaknesses and receive PD that meets their needs, when they need it, and in a format that resonates with their learning style.


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