How 2gnōMe Supports Districts  
Professional Learning
Fund Allocation
  With 2gnoMe’s ISTE Standards based skill diagnostic, teachers enhance their self-awareness, while district leadership gains data to understands specific Professional Learning needs. 2gnoMe turns diagnostic data into a personalized learning path for every teacher, at scale. Learning Resources are matched appropriately from our partners or the resources you already have. Make informed purchase and allocation based on Professional Learning needs. Then track the effectiveness of learning over time - from teacher to student outcomes.

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Other Features
Even more ways the platform enables leadership to involve teachers in their professional learning.
  Teacher Induction
& Retention
District Learning
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  Identify internal skill leaders to recognize, empower and pair with first-year teachers that need support in certain skills. Support your teachers in their Professional Learning the way they deserve! Align existing learning communities or use data to create new ones to foster engagement, further personalize learning and improve resource allocation. 2gnoMe makes it easy for teachers to share their DIY content as part of sustained learning. Organize and share internal best practices across your school or district in minutes.


Watch these videos to learn more about the platform and ISTE-based solution. 
  About 2gnoMe
2-minute introduction about how the platform works. 
Personalized Learning for Teachers
2-minute use case with teachers.
ISTE Solution Demo
Platform demo from teachers' and from admin points of view. 5 minutes.

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