Ground-breaking “Common Language” of Pedagogy and Personalized Professional Development

Jacksonville, AL ---- Jacksonville State University's Collaborative Regional Education (CORE) program and 2gnoMe (“To know me”) have partnered to bring the first-of-its-kind professional development to K-12 administrators and teachers. This project is part to the $12M grant awarded to JSU by the Department of Education in 2015 to scale its successful educational model.

Most school districts under-utilize their investment in technology, focusing on evaluation rather than on development. This program aims to strengthen the technology-related pedagogy and skills needed to work, learn and teach in the digital age. Each participant begins with a self-reported reflection about their common practices. As a result, participants enhance their self-awareness and get connected to personalized learning resources in order to address skill gaps.

“Teachers are fundamentally struggling with how technology changes their classroom. By aligning upfront awareness about the 21st century pedagogical skills to the right training at the right time, this program saves teachers a lot of time and saves schools a lot of money while driving better student outcomes” – said Lynn Garner, Director of Innovative Programs, JSU CORE.