Meaningful awareness
    via a 360° feedback platform for the modern world.
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  • University of Waterloo and 2gnōME launch a ground-breaking research on wise reasoning... find your answer  
  • Education: see how PennState students apply 360° awareness to work better in teams and and retain more knowledge... learn more
  • Recruiting: SmartRecruiters partners with 2gnōME to offer a 360° reference solution that validates soft skills... learn more

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2gnōME ("to know me") helps people discover how the way we see ourselves compares to the way others actually see us in real life.

Working with experts in business and social sciences, 2gnōME is a feedback platform with novel methodologies that assess 'soft' skills and qualities, based on situations and behavior, asked of a user about self and their peers about a user.

On the backend, 2gnōME is a do-it-yourself cloud solution to create and manage 360° assessments and make sense of results in context to any team or a broader population. Used by university teachers, content providers and all kinds of talent managers.

No-cost for website users
Our service quantifies and benchmarks what you’re good at and what you’re not, realizing that if you know your limits, you can overcome them. To discover these limits, it really helps to have reliable feedback from peers who know you. The service is free and 100% confidential.

Tribe portal for team leaders
Designed for teachers and team leaders, Tribe portal is a holistic, cost effective, web-based and scientifically rigorous solution that gives a full-on view of talent, skills and pain points - from a 360° viewpoint. It provides maximum flexibility and a simple learning curve to create and manage powerful 360° assessments. Team leaders (e.g., tribe administrators) get to tailor user journey to their unique tribe and quantify subtle differences between self-perception and peer validation. Learn more... 

As of now, 1,546 people have become a little more aware about themselves.

We’ve created 2gnōME to make honest, actionable feedback possible. You see what those around you see. You know, the good and the bad. Feedback from trusted peers on the stuff that matters to you in real life.

The social nature of giving and receiving feedback is based on transparency, voluntary action and science. You simply get a rare opportunity to gain a different perspective on yourself to verify your intuition and improve where it makes sense.

The simple fact is that we don’t know ourselves as well as we think we do. That's because we tend to overestimate our positive abilities and underestimate our flaws - a phenomenon known as illusionary superiority. The best way to close this gap is with reliable feedback.

But this kind of feedback is hard to come by. Self-assessments, as the name implies, only show what you say about yourself. Asked directly, friends don't want to hurt our feelings. Without anonymity, peers don't want to bring on a confrontation. And "professional" review tools are expensive, ineffective and uncomfortable.

Enter 2gnōME. Our approach - and the underlying technology platform - fuses social dynamics with established behavioral theory & market research to:

  • Formulate a clear picture of skill strength, benchmarked to any team or broader population
  • Provide learning and improvement ideas, in-context to individual results


Imagine you wanted to see if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Our experts created 21 typical situations that an entrepreneur can expect (e.g., working with people, facing uncertainty, making decisions, problem solving, etc.). For every question, you select an answer choice that best represents your likely action or outcome.

Your answers establish a baseline of your self-ranking (youSAY) and self-assessment (answersSHOW). Everything is confidential and in-context to your team or a broader population.

For maximum truth, connect with peers whose opinion matters to you.  Peers answer the same questions but asked about you. 100% confidential because you know who you asked for feedback, but you don't know who responds or what they say. Conversely, peers don't see your answers or results. The whole thing is privately tailored to you, there is no wall-posting or auto-sharing of any kind.

Grounded in Science
Much of our research and development goes into synthesizing science and social dynamics, to offer an authentic user experience to measure intangibles that matter in real life. Our product is awareness, for hard-to-measure skills and qualities.