To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.

- Socrates -


People have been interested in attaining awareness – to “Know Thyself” – for a long time. What is learned on one scale of experience can be applied to all scales. Self-knowledge is timeless and all-encompassing. “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates.

When most people think about soft skills, their self-perception and reality are often ways apart. It's difficult. "Self-knowledge is the highest form of knowledge.” – Plato. 

This is not about "personality" as an all-encompassing and out-of-focus concept. Most people either undervalue (or overvalue) their everyday "people" skills and behaviors like communication, judgment, leadership, etc. (e.g., soft skills). Resulting "blind spots" lead to unwise decisions and billions worth of losses for companies that value culture and teamwork. set out to resolve this challenge in education and talent management. This concept aims to empower individual awareness and promote professional growth. Our approach helps organizations address skill gaps through personalized and dynamic learning. People discover how their self-perception about targeted skill compares to actual proficiency and to the way peers see them in real life. The concept is similar for people and for organizations - it's just a matter of adjusting the perspective.

The 2gnō.me name comes from the Greek gnōsis, knowledge. Pronounced "to know me," aims to structure "tacit" knowledge to help move decision-making from the realm of subjective to objective. The company is based in New York, a network of experts in Social Psychology, technology, education, human capital, design and marketing.


Our Story



In a December 2014 HBR article, Patty McCord describes how as Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, she and Reed Hastings came up with nine skills and behaviors that Netflix values and promotes to help achieve excellence (read more).

For these nine and more, we design questions that identify gaps in soft skills and give organizations a structured and measured approach to better understand the root causes of fit and culture (read more). 

The secure platform is available on-demand and as-needed to:

  1. Assess targeted skills and behaviors in relative context to others, and
  2. Connect participants with meaningful resources and training to address skill gaps

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Recent News
 and iCIMS Announce Partnership to Address Soft Skills and Help Recruiters Accomplish Objective Candidate Screening and Selection.

2gnō.me selected from 300 companies to join the Education Design Studio (EDSi) for the 2016 ed-tech and social entrepreneurship program, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

2gnō.me adds next-generation personalized learning to its awareness platform





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Meet the Team


Ilya Zeldin leads strategy and product development. With this project, Ilya’s optimism for humanity and expertise with technology come together to promote a simple act of self-awareness to improve where it makes sense. Before 2gnō.me, Ilya worked at Dell Software, where he developed and managed the global Service Provider Program, driving recurring revenue for the business with innovative technologies and go-to-market strategies. And before that, Ilya launched and scaled several start-ups. Ilya lives and loves in New York. BA in Sociology from Stony Brook, MBA from Georgetown University.


Dr. Anna Tavis, Associate Professor at New York University.
Dr. Anna Tavis is a Senior Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach with an extensive global practice in business, academia, and consulting. Anna’s corporate career spans a broad variety of industries including financial services (banking and insurance), technology, manufacturing and pharmaceutical firms. Dr. Tavis is currently adjunct professor at New York University teaching graduate and senior level courses in the departments of Organizational Behavior and Change and in Master’s Program in HR Management at NYU’s SCPS. She is the Executive Editor of People and Strategy Journal, a highly regarded strategic practitioner focused publication of HRPS, a SHRM affiliate.

Dr. Barbara Kurshan, Executive Director of Academic Innovation @ Penn GSE. Dr. Barbara Kurshan brings over 35 years of experience in education and technology. Dr. Kurshan provides executive-level leadership for a series of entrepreneurially-focused programs and efforts, and helps develop new degree and non-degree programs at the Penn Graduate School of Education. Dr. Kurshan began her teaching career at Virginia Tech, where she obtained her doctorate. As a professor, she researched the impact of technology on learning and helped her students explore the applications of technology across the curricula.

Rita Ferrandino, CEO for The Education Design Studio Inc. (EDSi). Offering more than 30 years of experience building companies and delivering strong revenue in education markets, Ferrandino has built a reputation as one of the most effective strategists and coalition-builders in the education community. She is a nationally recognized STEM education expert and authority on education policy and politics. Ferrandino is the founding partner at Arc Capital Development, a global private investment and advisory firm. Arc clients and portfolio companies provide products generating over a billion dollars a year to schools worldwide.