Business Insider recently did a piece suggesting startups have gotten "very boring". http://read.bi/PRC3UQ

I don't think the tech industry is any more or less capable of substance than others. It's only the speed at which it moves that sometimes makes it seem void. The offerings come fast and in big numbers, so the fathoms that inevitably disappoint seem monumental.

Like with any other era or industry or sector, it takes some time and dedicated thought to identify the rare opportunity that offers tangible value, makes real street-level change, and can provide growth and profitability. (See what Steve Blank says about vision versus hallucination http://bit.ly/Qj2c16)

At 2gno.me, we find no reason to be the next cool thing or to strive for overnight mass adoption. Our answer to the "all out, all now" social media mentality is to step out of the race and take a hard look at what people, all kinds of people, actually want to achieve.

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