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The Key to Success

What’s the key to success? It’s a question that haunts even the most relaxed among us. We all have skills we’d like to sharpen, things we’d like to do, goals we’d like to achieve. But only a select few achieve at an elite level. So what’s their secret? New research shows that those super achievers — the Tony Hsiehes and Marc Cubans of the world — have found the right balance of pride and humility.

But words "pride" and "humility" don’t necessarily mean what you think. According to researcher June Price Tangney, humility is less a trait than a mindset. It’s “having the ability to acknowledge our mistakes and limitations, having an openness to new ideas, and being able to maintain a realistic perspective of our place in the larger world.”

That place in the larger world — what we commonly call perspective — is the key. Studies show that people gain a much deeper understanding of the effort it takes to master a skill once they have some experience with it. Somewhat unexpectedly, the more you learn the more you understand how much there is you still don’t know.

Read the full article at the Fast Company. And you can expand your soft skills perspective.


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