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What Makes People Happy at Work?

A fully stocked fridge? Unlimited vacation time? The freedom to work from home? In many sectors, particularly the youthful, tech-heavy ones, these are commonplace perks designed to reward hardworking employees. But do they make employees happier? Statistics say no.

Even though the workplace, and our relationship to it, has changed dramatically, employee satisfaction rates haven’t budged in ten years. According to a recent post on 6seconds, employees often read these perks as acts of manipulation rather than benevolence— a means to control behavior. It’s a classic case of misplaced priorities: “The majority of current engagement strategies focus on external mechanisms. By definition, engagement is an inside job.”

So what drives deeper motivation? Post authors think it's emotional intelligence, and we humbly agree. Emotional intelligence is uniquely contextual to a particular team. As long as people feel autonomous, competent and connected to their work and fellow employees, they work harder. The best managers foster these conditions by creating an office culture that draws on individual strengths. That's another level awareness.

What keeps you motivated at work? Let us know in the comments, and spend 2 minutes to expand your awareness in some of the more critical skills.

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