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Managing People, Not Responsibilities

One of the reasons I decided to create was to help companies streamline the dreaded employee evaluation process. Data shows that a majority of employees—from top management on down—are disengaged at their jobs, and companies are struggling to figure out why.

A recent post on the talent management blog TLNT offers a few theories. “Many managers are ineffective at managing their people,” Howard Risher writes, because “in some cases they were promoted to a supervisory role because of their technical skills and have poor people skills.” 

In a time when job responsibilities change often as new technologies and communication media evolve, building a great team boils down to predicting and matching individual aptitudes to particular duties. But there are still “leaders who fail to champion human capital management.”

All of Risher’s points boil down to one thing: managers have to understand people, not just their roles. As a manager, how do you get to know your employees better? As an employee, how well do you make sure your managers understand your distinctive skills?

Read the full post at the TLNT blog.

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