Change is Hard, and Always Possible

Nobody’s perfect. But some people want to be perceived in a different light, or live more healthfully, or stop acting in a self-destructive way. Whatever the reason, most of us would like to make at least one change in our lives.

Many of us have made a concerted effort to improve something about ourselves, particularly at the New Year or the morning after overindulging. We have promised to become better people, to stop engaging in unhealthy behavior, or to give up a bad habit. And… we’ve given up after awhile, because it’s hard to make lasting changes. 

The truth, though, is that You have got to want it. If you are trying to change because someone else wants us to, it’s not likely to stick – the motivation must come from an inner desire to change. Because true, lasting change requires an adjusted mindset, planning and action. 

Here’s how:  To get clarity on exactly what you want to accomplish and why - pay close attention to our inner thoughts, learn what you want to change and why you haven’t been successful so far. 

Create a plan. Having a long-term goal is just a small part of the strategy.

  • Break the big picture down into baby steps – tangible, reachable, daily or even hourly objectives.
  • Build rewards into the plan to be sure we celebrate our successes. It’ll make the journey more fun.
  • Have a support system in place for when we’re struggling.

Take this plan for a spin. Unless you take action, the changes you want to make will never happen. 

Assess and adjust as necessary. Ask ourself if the original plan is reasonable, doable, realistic. If not, what can you do to improve it?

Forgive yourself. Let’s face it, life happens and change isn’t easy. Sometimes we may stumble and stray off course. It’s OK. Just remember, tomorrow’s a new day and is a chance for a fresh start.

Hang in there. Over time, when we stick to the plan, gain momentum and reach incremental goals, the change you seek will become a habit.

Focus on the now, not the when. Stay in the moment rather than looking too far ahead. It’s empowering to simply enjoy the process of becoming stronger and living how you want to be, each minute, each hour, each day.

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