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Do you ever wonder how other people see you? When it comes to our own self-knowledge, we all have blind spots. We simply can’t see ourselves the way others do.

Know Yourself -

To gain this insight you need peer review; input from your friends, colleagues, teachers, clients or bosses. When we better understand ourselves we can zero in on traits or habits that we can improve upon.

We have mentioned a tool used by psychologists to help individuals increase self-knowledge.

The “Johari Window” is a four-paneled grid that can help us organize areas of perception

1.      What is known about us by others
2.      What is unknown about us by others
3.      What is known about us by ourselves
4.      What is unknown about us by ourselves

How it works is pretty simple – first you describe yourself by choosing from a list of five descriptive words (like “sympathetic”, “adaptable”, “introverted”, “tense”). Then your peers choose five from the same list to describe you. The words they pick that don’t match the ones you chose are placed in the “blind spot” area.

What’s cool about this exercise is that this new information could help you make some positive changes. For example, you might see yourself as outgoing and friendly, but others find you shy or tense. Or you may think you’re a follower, but your boss sees qualities that could make you a good leader.

Similarly, 2gnoME allows you to assess yourself online and have others do the same for you

By learning about traits that lie outside your field of vision, you can become a better communicator and team member than you were before.

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