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There must be a breaking point for each one of us.

Eventually you must sleep, bathe or use both hands at the same time for some purpose other than the all-encompassing thrill of “the world in a click”.

So when is that time?

Leadership today needs to get outside the bounds of the current pace, have a deeper than typical series of thoughts on a single subject and to figure out how we can best fit into the plans.

I’ve seen two references recently that touch on this point: Sherry Turkle’s “Alone Together”, a book on digital dependency, and a recent piece at Fast Company  that chronicles the benefits of listening, actual listening, rather than merely scanning language for a cue to interject.

Here’s the thing. We need to put down the device. We need to make eye contact. We need to involve ourselves in the critical moment that’s all about person-to-person interaction.

Put Down the Device -

Clearly we at 2gnoME advocate the use of technology for the purpose of betterment. But the tendency to let the virtual world consume us seems to have a souring effect on the self.

To better understand the important people in your life, and to appreciate the impact you can make, try to converse without being awash in the glow of a machine. You never know, perhaps a new light will shine.

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