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This I encourage. Take ample time for the things that seem simple. Check out the edges for those salient details, imperfections, observations that are sure to make your sentiments bloom. Fly below the clouds. Peer deep through the center and keep an ear for the sound of beauty.

Despite what you’ve been told, life is a miracle.

Ask the protozoa that inhabit our thoughts.

Admire, for instance, the tambourine-type quality held in the slick and durable lining of our billionth vital cell.

Because of these things we might leave nothing to chance, yet our greatest fears become of it.

Yet the black bird with the red chest is called the red-chested blackbird. And the sun which warms us is an ever-living star shines to glint off the tapestries of our making. These are  the sacred rings etched within the limbs of trees.

And as always, we should not be restrained from saying

“We will run the rivers together, for infinity…”

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