Charisma – we’re either born with it or we’re not. So if we are born with a charismatic personality, what can we do with it?

Charismatic leaders have the ability to inspire people, groups, even nations to think in new, powerful ways. They can motivate others to be more productive, creative and open to innovative ideas. And they can inspire people to be loyal to their leadership, a company and entire movements.

There are several different styles of leadership, but charismatic leadership may be one of the most exciting because people are often naturally attracted to leaders who have a strong character, can communicate well and can tell a good story that touches them on an emotional level

Qualities of a charismatic leader:

  • You are an outstanding listener who stops talking at times and allows others to ask questions and weigh in with their opinions and viewpoints

  • You are present, in the moment, and relate to the people who are in the room with you

  • You are sensitive and responsive to body language and the overall mood in the room

  • You can communicate your vision for them in a clear and articulate manner

  • You exhibit a warm and caring demeanor

  • You make eye contact with the people to whom you are speaking and engage with them rather than talking at them

  • You share your message through storytelling, including a not-so-pleasant beginning, a vision of change and a positive ending that people can believe in

Well-intentioned charismatic leaders who communicate powerfully can connect with people on a deep, emotional level and can elevate and transform lives.


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  1. Patrick

    Patrick 09/17/2012 10 a.m. #


  2. Jamal

    Jamal 10/11/2012 4:01 a.m. #

    Interesting! I haven't thought about chsirama in terms of value. I have recently run across the idea that chsirama can be learned, a totally new and foreign concept to me. As an introvert myself, I have certainly never considered myself anywhere close to chsiramatic. I've been doing speaking circles work lately, and they too come from the perspective that chsirama can be learned, but from that perspective it's more about presence, relationship, and listening. That to be a truly magnetic/charismatic speaker is about being completely present in relationship with one person at a time, listening into that relationship and speaking from there. Perhaps that's all about value too, though, placing value on listening and presence. Hmm all good food for thought. Look forward to your further thoughts on this topic.

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