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I heard the author David Eagleman on the radio. He said something about possessing multiple selves engaged in creating a type of barter-narrative that results in the outward projection that actually ends up being "the self", or what we think we know of it.

The trick here may be to realize that not any one of us is really one person. We're all multiples. In a matter of minutes you can walk from an office space to a playground, where on one end you'll consider yourself underdressed and under-educated and maybe even undervalued... to the other end where you consider yourself old and predictable and hyper-analytical.

We can't deny that the perception of ourselves, manufactured by the brain, is a massive undertaking of the subconscious, the bouncing of notions off notions, only occasionally to lay one or two up to the conscious mind. You walk into a room and feel "I’ve been here ", and your brain knows you have, or somewhere very similar, yet your fleeting conscious mind fails to know when, how or with whom – it just can’t complete the puzzle.

Not any of us is really one person

Sometimes we can’t make up our minds about ourselves. But if we harnessed the power of these deeper notions, and were able to field these same ideas of self from friends and colleagues, shouldn’t we expect a deeper understanding? A true, objective picture of the person we are, and who we may grow to be.

Each one of us is daughter, mother, employee, expert, friend, fan and follower. And leader.  It's only a matter of letting your mind take you to the places you’ve yet to recognize as the preferred destination.

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