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In deep contemplation of life, NASA scientists have gone so far as to land a robot, the rover Curiosity, on the surface of Mars.

What a wonder this is -- the expertise, the time, attention and money paid. Perhaps the early lesson here is that a single body, in this case Earth, can offer only so much insight on itself.

So we strike out; take a great leap into another realm to search for the “building blocks of life”, as NASA has called it. Of course, whatever we find on Mars we can apply back to our own world, our own path.

At 2gnoME, our scale is much smaller, but in many respects the mission is equally as complex.

What we as individuals know and can learn about ourselves is limited, or at least slowed greatly, until we choose to turn to outside sources. What we learn from our friends and colleagues in daily life offers anecdotal evidence of who we really are. But doesn’t it make sense to design a device that can help us on this personal or professional path of awareness and growth?

We feel strongly that the answer to that question is “yes”. It's not rocket science, we agree. But on an individual level, the questions we ask and the answers we provide can be as valuable as anything yet offered. The next question is, do you feel compelled to answer some important questions of your own?

Here in our own corner of the universe, 2gnoME seeks to help you find the “building blocks of you”!

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