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In a task-oriented world, take this as a task:

Do nothing.

Does this scare you? Do you understand the concept?

By "do nothing", we don't mean "avoid work" or "watch TV" or "go for a long drive". The intent here is to sit in a quiet place and allow your mind to wander. Work toward nothing. Be free of obligation. Notice what pops up, but do not judge. Let it be what it is and freely move to the next thing, whether it's related to the previous thought or not. Don't judge, just realize, appreciate and move along. Move along, mentally and emotionally. Note how thoughts affect you, but remember, don't judge. Do you smile? Do you cry? Groan with regret? It's okay; dismiss it. Just be free. You never know where your mind will take you...

and that's a good thing.

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