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This is a story about courage and care. The Courage comes from Guzal, just 15 months, and her mom who has done the impossible. Born in Russia, little Guzal has Hemangioma, an enormous buildup of blood vessels in the skin and internal organs that has affected her heart and could cause complete loss of vision in the left eye. With proper treatment, Guzal could recover, but in Russia, treatment methods for Hemangioma are at least 30 years old.

And this is where Care takes over. First, an amazing U.S. surgeon, Dr. Gregory Levitin, agreed to do Guzal’s surgery pro bono. Then Beth Israel hospital in New York agreed to waive the fees for her treatment. And total strangers helped raise $5,000 to pay for travel and outpatient recovery.

The first of four surgeries was last week and it went terrific (more pictures here). Guzal is playful, quirky and fighting. Further, Dr. Levitin and “Team Guzal” agreed to donate time and skills for additional surgeries. We are raising another $5,000 to cover minimal travel, cost of diapers, food and shelter. Please help. donations are tax deductible and accepted in all amounts through the website. In the name of Courage and Care, please click here to donate.


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