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You want to grow. You want to change your circumstances. You want to improve yourself. You want to fight for your convictions. You want to make life better for others…

No matter what challenge you’re facing, it takes courage to decide to take it on and continue with the journey.

You may face difficulty, opposition, resistance, even danger – and that’s when you reach deep down to draw strength from your core values, your moral convictions and your firm belief that what you’re trying to accomplish is worth the struggle.

During the times you’re facing a tough journey and feel frightened, it’s possible to connect with your "inner bravery" and complete the task with conviction. Here’s how:

  • Grant yourself permission to step forward and face the problem head on

  • Get started and keep going even if the desire wells up inside you to give up – it gets easier as you go on

  • Call to mind your previous successes – particularly when you’ve triumphed over fear

  • Keep the big picture in mind to help put the task you are trying to accomplish in perspective

  • If you need to, allow yourself to relax and focus on something that calms or soothes you so you can step away from the fear and quiet your doubts

  • Sleep on it – give yourself a chance to gain a fresh perspective

  • Draw on lessons from people who have demonstrated wisdom and clarity in times of stress, adversity and fear

  • Embrace evolution

  • Be in love with challenging yourself

  • Stay connected to your passion

  • Remember that when you are brave you open up the possibility of living a larger life than you would have if you let fear rule your actions

  • Remind yourself that when you act with bravery, you are choosing to allow courage to triumph over uncertainty, vulnerability, weakness and insecurity

  • Surround yourself with people who support you and believe in you – and do the same for them.

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