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How can you squeeze as many years out of this lifetime as possible? Articles telling you to exercise and eat right are everywhere, but did you know that people who share certain personality traits also have a better chance at living longer?

Writer Laura Schocker recently revealed these six traits that researchers believe contribute to a person’s longevity:

  1. Conscientious

  2. Easy to Laugh

  3. Socially Connected

  4. Optimistic

  5. Happy

  6. Extroverted

The common threads that seem to run through the list are, having a positive attitude interacting in an upbeat way with others

Are those abilities you are born with or can you determine your own fate when it comes to personality traits like friendliness and optimism? Actress Drew Barrymore says, “Happiness is a choice”.  And many others,  including authors, psychologists and life coaches, subscribe to that same school of thought.


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