You've always been a a creative person, but you may be wondering if there could be a good career for you that extends beyond the artistic world. Simply put, the answer is yes! People who exhibit creativity often have the ability to use their imagination to invent and develop original ideas, products and/or solutions.

In fact, due to the growing importance of intellectual property, most big corporations have increased the emphasis on attracting, nurturing and keeping creative people on staff. That’s because they realize that, especially in commerce and industry, the creative ideas employees generate can be the means to a company's very survival.

This fact was made perfectly clear in a survey conducted by IBM -- CEOs from every region of the world  ranked creativity higher than other competencies, including integrity, influence, dedication, humility and fairness. In addition, research by economics professor Micael Dahlén validates that creativity in marketing and product development directly correlates to a company’s success in terms of sales, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Product developers ranging from car manufacturers to insurance and financial companies agree that the influx of of creativity energy adds value that keeps them competitive and successful. The same is true for drug development corporations and astrophysics labs;  creativity in science is seen as an integral component to success.

Whether you are naturally creative or want to nurture your creativity, you can rest assured and revel in the fact that creativity is something that can be developed, and increasingly is a valuable asset in the business world.


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