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Have you ever wondered what age is right for parents to encourage their kids to move out of the house and take care of themselves?  You’re not alone. Until recently, it was normal for people to finish college and/or get married – all by the age of 25. But things have changed.

Today, many adult children live at home longer and wait to get married before making a change... well, if they marry at all. This has resulted in a blurring of lines for parents, leaving some of them grumbling and frustrated at their kids’ seeming lack of ambition, and others willingly abetting a prolonged child-like state. This can allow the younger generation to avoid the inevitable pursuit of solid employment, home ownership and families of their own.

The natural course of a human’s life evolves from being a helpless baby to becoming an independent adult. What the parents of these coddled grown children may fail to realize is that, by enabling the younger generation to delay facing the sometimes painful realities of growing up, they may actually be crippling their grown kids and preventing them from reaching their full potential. Although the journey of going alone is sometimes fraught with painful lessons, these often are the very experiences from which we learn, gain self-knowledge, grow and ultimately determine our own fates.

By encouraging teens to cross into adulthood and take responsibility for the trajectory of their lives, parents empower them to form their own identities. Only then can they begin to develop positive traits like self-confidence and bravery, and become caring, optimistic people who have the potential to make significant contributions to the world.


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